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Why choose Ellucido?

We Activate Learning for our new world

Our purpose is to make a meaningful difference in the way people learn, through interactive and innovative virtual teaching that is expert-designed and highly engaging.

Our aim is simple – to take leading experts’ content and deliver it in an effective, engaging way using our unique Active Teaching approach.​

A good online course needs two things – proven technology and expert content. However, a great online course also needs innovative teaching approaches. Ellucido is a world leader in delivering great online courses.

Ellucido offers world-class training courses

Our team has developed and delivered courses for leading institutions all over the world. We are experts in innovative content development and delivery, spanning the whole spectrum of education. Our customers include schools, universities, medical institutions, corporates, and research institutions.

We have a range of courses available that cover everything from digital pedagogies for teachers/trainers, mathematics for students, thesis writing for researchers, bio-ethics for doctors, and much more. We can also create customised activated courses using your content.

What the numbers say

The impact of our interactive, innovative virtual teaching courses... 

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Improvement in educational outcomes of courses using active gamification
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Average student improvement on our mathematics course
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